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À la carte

  • Starters

    Kräftsoppa, laxcarpaccio och kantarelltoast

  • Main dishes

    Grilled sirloin steak from Höglandskött served with café de paris sauce and potato cake 240:- Grilled racks of lamb with a thyme flavored red wine gravy, served with a potato cake including mozzarella and sundried tomato 250:- Oven baked corn fed chicken served with mango sauce and potato gratin 230:- Prime rib burger served with […]

  • Desserts

    Locally produced ice cream from Ryssby vanilla and mocha flavored on a mirror of raspberry served with flakes 82:- Créme of lemon with blueberry mousse and roasted almond crumble 95:- Sorbet of the evening with a fruit sauce 75:-