• Grilled rib eye from our local producer served with fruity rootfruits and a red wine gravy 280:-
    Porca de Murça 110:-
  • Lamb fillet served with a gravy of thyme and potato gratin flavoured with chevre 240:-
    Altos Ibéricos 95:-
  • Grilled Flank steak from our local producer served with lukewarm potato sallad flavoured with dijon and a gravy of port 210:-
    Colpasso Primitivo 85:-
  • Hamburger on ground chuck classic serving with bacon, cheddar cheese and french fries 195:-
    Colpasso Primitivo 85:-
  • Seared Rainbow trout served with a sauce of lemon and riced potatoes 240:-
    Dreissigacker 100:-
  • Salted Cod fillet topped with shrimps served with dill tossed potatoes and browned butter 210:-
    Gran Viña Sol 85:-
  • Burger of brown rice served with a mango dressing and french fries 190:-
    Fuller’s India Pale Ale 50cl 75:-