• Grilled rib eye from our local producer, served with butter café de Paris, fried potato wedges and grilled vegetables 280:-
    La Légende d’Hélios 99:-
  • Buttered corn chicken fillet served with a sauce of orange and roasted sweet potato 210:-
    Poggio Anima 110:-
  • Rape pork chop served with gravy of thyme and potato gratin 180:-
    Montgravet Carbernet Merlot 75:-
  • Hamburger on prime rib classic serving with bacon, cheddar cheese and french fries 195:-
    Fuller’s India Pale Ale 50cl flaska 75:-
  • Beef Rydberg cubed sirloin from our local producer, classic serving with raw egg yolk, onion and fried potato cubes 240:-
    Rex Goliath 110:-
  • Salmon in one piece cured in gin, seared and served with dill stewed potato 230:-
    Last night a Riesling saved my life 115:-
  • Breaded pike perch, butter fried, served with a pure of spinach and Jerusalem artichoke 210:-
    Waterside Chardonnay 92:-