Astrid Lindgren's World

Bring the adventure to life and dive into Astrid Lindgren’s World! Here, childhood heroes come alive, and you can not only meet but also play with Pippi, Ronja, Karlsson, and the whole gang. Feel the magic as you explore their natural habitat and be prepared to encounter them while wandering through the park’s enchanting landscape. This is not just a park; it’s a living dream of adventure and play!


In Astrid Lindgren’s World, fun and play are as diverse as the characters themselves! Explore the numerous playgrounds, including the exciting ’Don’t-Step-on-the-Ground’ course, where every step is part of the adventure. Climb fearlessly in Matt’s Castle and discover secrets and treasures in every corner. Get ready for a pirate adventure aboard the Hoppetossa, the ship of Pippi Longstocking’s father.


The culinary experiences in the park are as diverse as the characters in Astrid Lindgren’s World! Whether you want to enjoy your own picnic basket in one of the idyllic corners or let your taste buds explore the park’s restaurants, offering everything from authentic Småland cuisine to the most delightful simple dishes. Discover cozy cafés and charming eateries that tempt you with fragrant buns, fresh rolls, or the most enticing waffles topped with jam and cream. Culinary delight is part of the adventure here – enjoy your meal!

On the way

On the way to Astrid Lindgren’s World from Hotel Högland, the journey takes you through Mariannelund, known from scenes in Emil of Lönneberga. Not far away lies the charming Bullerbyn, the setting for the film ”The Children of Noisy Village.” But wait, there’s more! Nearby is also Katthult, the place where Emil of Lönneberga was filmed, and here you can even visit the authentic carpenter’s shop. This is not just a trip to Astrid Lindgren’s World; it’s a deep dive into her magical realm, where each location holds stories from our favorite books and films!

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